Inaryan carries out delivery of your favourite accessories to the address you specify. You can choose your favourite accessory on our website, specify the delivery address and the contact phone number, as we will inform you about the delivery date through a phone call.
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Delivery options, terms and pricing policy

Orders are delivered in the following options:

Delivery in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

·         With postal delivery, the order will be delivered within 4 working days

Cost: free of charge

The order will be delivered to the nearest post office

·         If the courier service is used, the order will be delivered within 1 business day

The cost can be changed depending on the mileage:

The order must be placed before 17: 00 of the given day:

Delivery to RA Regions and NKR

·         Delivery to the Regions of the RA and the NKR within the next 5 working days of the order placement (available only for credit card payments)

Is free of charge

The order will be delivered to the nearest post office

Delivery to other countries

·         express delivery to other countries within 5-7 working days after placing the order (the cost of delivery will depend on the cost of the postal service)

In some countries custom taxes may apply, please check at the corresponding body of your country)

We work every day from 10:00 to 19:00 except for the weekends (GMT +04:00). Delay of delivery may be possible in the case of unpredictable events that have taken place independently of our will. In that case, we will notify you of the change of the delivery date.

If you want to return the delivered order, then the delivery fee will not be refunded. You can find out more about our return policy on our website in the “Return policy” section.

To deliver the order to two different addresses, you need to form two different orders. Within one order, the product or service certificate can be shipped to one address only.