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    Fact 1. Raglan sleeve - at first the raglan sleeve was used only when modeling sports and military clothing, and now with the wings of this form they sew luxurious clothes, blouses, jackets, etc. The name of the raglan arm came from the name of "Baron raglan", who wore clothes of a special shape due to a shoulder injury.

    Fact 2. Gabrielle Chanel was originally a cabaret singer and dancer.

    Fact 3. the concepts of "vintage" and "retro" — speaking of fashion, few of us distinguish between the concepts of " retro" and " vintage".:

    Fact 4. The fragrance N°5 for Gabriel Chanel was created on May 5, 1921․

    Fact 5. Buttons on the sleeves-have you ever wondered what buttons on the sleeves of clothes are for? it turns out that the author of these buttons was Napoleon Bonaparte. he ordered these buttons to be on the sleeves of Karen's military uniform. thanks to this, the soldiers under his command stopped using uniform sleeves to wipe their faces:

    Fact 6. The last collection of Elsa Schiaparelli was shown in 1953․

    Fact 7. Until the 19th century, designers used small dolls to showcase their clothing collection to customers.:

    Fact 8. The first official Fashion Week in New York began in 1943. His main goal was to divert everyone's attention from French fashion during World War II and pave the way for American designers:

    Fact 9. Not Versace, but Versace.

    Fact 10. Before 1800, there was no understanding of children's clothing, children wore what adults wore.

    Fact 11. Victoria's widows were forced to wear only black clothes for 2 years due to the death of her husband.

    Fact 12. 5 The most popular materials for clothing are linen, cotton, viscose, polyester and spandex.

    Fact 13. before 1600-1700, the skirt was worn by both men and women.

    Fact 14. Christian Dior believes in psychics very much, he always visits one of them to decide which one will be more suitable for showing his new collection.

    Fact 15. Gabrielle Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli hate each other.

    Fact 16. only 14 fashion houses have the antiquity to create "haute couture" clothes.

    Fact 17. Elsa Schiaparelli invented the "pret a porter" style.

    Fact 18. Princess Diana was wearing only low-heeled shoes because she and her husband were the same height.

    Fact 19.  you can make 215 jeans out of cotton.

    Fact 20. In 1962, Yves Saint Laurent demonstrated the first female tuxedo.

    Fact 21. in the 19th century, the machine production of clothes that were sewn by hand began.

    Fact 22. the Armenian costume is dominated by the colors of the four elements, which, according to the 14th—century philosopher Grigor Tatevatsi, express the blackness of the earth, the whiteness of water, the red color of the air and the yellow color of the air.

    Fact 23. Christmas clothes perform a fascinating, protective function, trying to protect the owner from evil forces.

    Fact 24. Italy is considered to be the birthplace of velvet. It was considered a royal fabric, but eventually lost its relevance. In the 20th century, the popularity of velvet returned to the grace of The Beatles musical group.

    Fact 25. Until the early 1950s, jeans were considered unsuitable clothing.

    Fact 26. the first jeans were a shade of indigo, and the coloring was made gray.

    Fact 27. Most jeans in the world are made in China.

    Fact 28. the oldest jeans are 120 years old. it was discovered in a mine at the end of the last century.

    Fact 29. The author of the ostrich jeans never wore jeans because jeans were considered work clothes.

    Fact 30. Anna Wintour independently compiles the list of guests of the Met Gala festival.

    Fact 31. Anna Wintour has been the editor-in-chief of American Vogue magazine since 1988.

    Fact 32. Gianni Versace was murdered on July 15, 1997 on the stairs in his Miami Beach home by serial killer Andrew Cunenen for no apparent reason:

    Fact 33. Gabrielle Chanel started her career as a hat designer.

    Fact 34. In 1909, Gabriel Chanel opened his own hat shop.

    Fact 35. Gabrielle Chanel brought tweed to women's fashion, which was traditionally considered a men's clothing fabric.

    Fact 36. In 1926, a sketch of Aragin's little black dress appeared in Vogue, the author of which was Gabriel Chanel.

    Fact 37. Karl Lagerfeld bequeathed 3 million euros to a cat named Choupet.

    Fact 38. Yves Saint Laurent created a unique "unisex" style and forced women to wear men's clothes.

    Fact 39. Louis Vuitton is destroying its unsold bags.

    Fact 40. Karl Lagerfeld died on February 19, 2019.․

    Fact 41. women living on these islands, tired of the monotony, decide to take and slightly lengthen women's shorts.

    Fact 42. The name of this black jacket comes from the English smoking — at that time, it was accepted that tobacco ash should fall on the interference of an individual smoker, and if the ash fell on a specially designed jacket, it was easily cleaned from the satin fabric without burning it.

    Fact 43. The first pair of Doc Martens shoes was created from old tires.

    Dact 44. Valentino Garavani, an Italian fashion designer, created red dresses as well known as Coco Chanel's little black dress.

    Fact 45. The second oldest clothing for women is a skirt after underpants.

    Fact 46. All women should thank Mary Phelps, who created a modern bra for the New York public., which are not like bras of our days.

    Fact 47. short hair is very fashionable these days, but it wasn't always like that.from 1900 to 1900, a woman with a short haircut was a symbol of infidelity.

    Fact 48. the cotton plant has been used for clothing for almost more than 7000 years.

    Fact 49. the first false eyelashes were invented by the producer of a stupid Hollywood movie, David Wark Griffith, in 1916, who wanted to lift the eyelashes of his actress to make her more beautiful, which was done with natural hair.

    Fact 50. There are 40 fashion weeks and 100 official events. The five most famous Fashion Weeks that are held in the fashion capitals of the world-Milan, New York, Berlin, London and Paris.

    Fact 51. The first official New York Fashion Week began in 1943. His main goal was to divert everyone's attention from French fashion during World War II and pave the way for American designers.

    Fact 52. large sums are currently being spent on organizing fashion shows.

    Fact 53. Elsa Schiaparelli combined art and fashion.

    Fact 54. Elsa Schiaparelli always admires the work of Salvador Dali.

    Fact 55. The first issue of Vogue magazine came out of elecl in America in 1892․

    Fact 56. In 1920, the issue of the first French Vogue was published.

    fact 57. the first issue of the magazine "Burda" came out of the name elecl "favorite", later the name of the magazine was changed and became the moden "Burda".

    fact 58. Indian national dress is a sari, which is a fabric 4.5 — 9 m long and 1.5 m wide, specially wrapped around the body.

    Fact 59. The highest paid model is Kendall Jenner.

    Fact 60. In the modern world, fashion is seasonal-spring-summer and autumn-winter.

    Fact 61. From the 4th millennium BC to the 2nd century BC, Egyptian fashion has not changed, it is considered a vivid example of rules that have not changed for millennia.

    Fact 62. Dress fashionably the expression dates back to the 17th century, when the Palace fashion of France served as an example for all European countries.

    fact 63. Men's fashion largely originated from military models.

    Fact 64. The term "fashion victim" defines people who blindly follow the latest fashion trends.

    Fact 65. High fashion literally translates as "the high art of sewing".

    Fact 66. Historically, Paris became the capital of the world of haute couture, where in 1858 the Englishman Charles Oyort first created his first fashion house, and then founded a high fashion Syndicate.